Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the Adoption Action are to propose and promote changes to adoption laws, policies and practices that will:

  • enhance the rights and wellbeing of children affected by adoption
  • eliminate the discriminatory provisions in current New Zealand adoption laws
  • introduce new laws which will reflect current social attitudes and values and will accord with national and international human rights standards
  • reduce the risk of sale, trafficking and inhumane treatment of children in intercountry adoption
  • collect statistics and undertake research which will increase community knowledge and understanding of the effects of adoption on those involved and will cast light on past adoption practices
  • disseminate information in relation to adoption laws, policies and practices to members, to the media and to the public generally
  • organise seminars and conferences on adoption and related topics.

It is an important principle of Adoption Action Incorporated that it will encourage membership from and reflect the views of adopted people, natural parents and adoptive parents all of whom are likely to benefit from adoption reform. Membership is open to any person who supports our aims and objects.  We are an inclusive organisation.